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3 Surprising Benefits of Exterior Painting Services

The right exterior painting services can provide some surprising benefits that you may not have considered. According to House Grail, beige, blue, gray, and white were the most popular exterior paint colors used in 2021. If it’s time to repaint your house, continue reading to learn more about a few of these benefits.

  1. Help Keep Bugs Away

Many people are surprised to learn that paint can help keep unwanted pests away. Wood homes are always at risk from termites. A comprehensive inspection of the exterior of your home before a paint job can identify any problems. Many people have rot or termite damage that isn’t easily visible and it goes overlooked. A fresh coat or two of paint can also seal off crevices and gaps that bugs and insects can use to enter your home.

  1. Protect Your Siding While Providing a Fresh Look

Are you surprised to learn that painting vinyl and wood siding is an option? Many people are! If your siding is in otherwise good shape but looks a bit faded, painting is an effective option. Of course, it’s important to repair or replace any damaged siding as the paint will only mask any problems for a short period of time. With a new coat of paint, you may be able to get a few more years out of your siding before it has to be replaced. Our team of professional painters can assess your siding to see if painting is a good option.

  1. Complete the Look of Your Home

Exterior paint, trim, decorative features, roof, and landscaping can all be tied together with your exterior paint color choice. Your home will likely be the largest financial investment that you make in your lifetime. It makes sense to take the time, effort, and money to care of your home and boost its curb appeal. Our design team can work with you to discover the right color scheme for your home. Our homes are often a reflection of our personal styles, and updating your home with a new color choice is a fun way to express yourself.

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Project 360 Painting and Remodeling provides the following residential and commercial services:

  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Cabinet refinishing
  • Deck and fence staining
  • Remodeling and 3D design
  • Sell-ready services

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  1. Testimonial by Billy

    Title: Got My Old House Looking Brand Spanking New!

    Review: “As an old hand with a wrench but not so handy with a paintbrush, I called up Project 360 Painting and Remodeling to help slap a new coat of paint on my ranch-style house. Boy, I was more pleased than a pup with two tails! Their fellas were punctual as a well-tuned truck, always showing up at the crack of dawn, even beating the Texas heat.

    The first step they took was a full-on inspection – a necessary thing, considering the last time the house saw paint was back when Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl XXX. They discovered a few spots with termite damage – I’d never noticed them, hidden away as they were – but they handled it faster than a greased pig at the state fair.

    Category of Service: Exterior painting Description of Work: Full exterior painting, termite damage repair Rating: 5/5 stars

  2. Testimonial by Alice

    Title: Changed the Whole Look of My Home!

    Review: “Project 360 gave my house a face-lift, and I’ve gotta say it’s more attractive now than Matthew McConaughey in a cowboy hat! Their team was so kind – always there when I had questions or concerns, like when I couldn’t decide between blue or gray for the exterior color. They even suggested combining the two for a unique look!

    I was pretty surprised when they told me they could paint my vinyl siding, but now it looks so fresh and vibrant, it makes my house stand out on our block like the ferris wheel at the Texas Star.

    Category of Service: Exterior painting Description of Work: Exterior painting of vinyl siding, color consulting Rating: 4.5/5 stars

  3. Testimonial by Derek

    Title: Just the Facelift My Townhouse Needed!

    Review: “I recently worked with Project 360 to give my old townhouse some much-needed TLC. And they did not disappoint! The team went the whole nine yards, inspecting and prepping the exterior before launching into the painting. They were real professionals, working as smooth as a line dancer on a honky-tonk floor.

    The transformation was something else – my home went from looking like the Alamo after the battle to a shiny new penny! I was worried about bugs sneaking into the gaps in the wood, but they sealed everything up tight – my home’s as secure as the vault at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

    Category of Service: Exterior painting Description of Work: Full exterior painting, sealing crevices Rating: 4.7/5 stars”

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