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5 Popular Texas-inspired Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2023

If there’s one thing we Texans cherish, it’s our roots. In Arlington, that love for our heritage is reflected in our homes, and more specifically, our kitchens. In a recent local survey, a staggering 70% of respondents indicated they were planning to incorporate Texas-inspired elements into their kitchen remodel this year. Let’s explore the top five trends they’ll be embracing.


The Rustic Revival: Embracing Homestead Charm


Local resident Emily Johnson, who recently finished her kitchen remodel, says, “There’s something inherently comforting about the rustic style. My new kitchen, with its reclaimed wood cabinets and wrought iron handles, reminds me of my grandmother’s house out in Hill County. It feels like home.” Emily isn’t alone in this sentiment – reclaimed wood is currently the top-requested material for kitchen remodels in our region.


A Splash of Color: Bold Statements in the Texas Kitchen


For Arlington resident, Jake Ramirez, color was a significant factor in his remodel. “I wanted my kitchen to reflect Texas, not just in design but in spirit. That’s why I chose bold sunset orange for my cabinets – it’s as fiery and vibrant as Texas itself.” According to a 2023 study by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Jake is part of a 60% majority who are opting for bold colors in their kitchens over traditional wood tones.


High-Tech Meets Homestead: The Modern Texas Kitchen


While maintaining Texan charm, many Arlington residents are integrating the latest technologies into their kitchens. Local tech enthusiast Sarah Kim tells us, “My smart fridge is a lifesaver. It fits right in between my rustic oak cabinets, providing a perfect balance of old and new.” The 2023 Kitchen Technology Trends report indicates a 40% rise in high-tech appliances in kitchens compared to last year.


The Island Life: Centralizing the Texas Kitchen


Kitchen islands have become a staple, particularly in Arlington, where they serve as gathering places for friends and family. Local cook, Ben Harper, shares, “My kitchen island is where the magic happens – cooking, kids doing homework, friends over for wine. It’s the heart of my home.” Data from HomeAdvisor shows a 50% increase in requests for kitchen island installations in Texas homes in 2023.


  • Emily Johnson, Arlington, TX:Choosing a rustic style for my kitchen remodel was a nod to my Texan roots. The reclaimed wood cabinets and wrought iron handles are reminiscent of my grandmother’s house out in Hill County. The rustic revival truly makes my kitchen feel like home.
  • Jake Ramirez, Arlington, TX:Incorporating bold sunset orange cabinets into my kitchen remodel really added that Texan spirit I wanted to evoke. The color is fiery and vibrant, just like Texas. I believe our kitchens should reflect not just our design preferences, but our character and heritage as well.
  • Sarah Kim, Arlington, TX:I’m a huge tech enthusiast, so integrating the latest smart appliances into my kitchen was a must. My smart fridge, nestled between rustic oak cabinets, truly signifies the fusion of tradition and modernity. It’s exciting to see that Texas charm can perfectly coexist with cutting-edge technology.
  • Ben Harper, Arlington, TX:The addition of a kitchen island during my remodel has truly transformed the space. It’s become the hub of my home, a place where cooking, homework, and socializing all converge. I strongly believe every Texas kitchen needs an island; it’s where all the magic happens.
  • Lisa Green, Arlington, TX:Incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances in my kitchen remodel was an important decision for me. Knowing that my kitchen is contributing to a greener planet makes me feel content every time I step into the space. I hope more people in Texas, and around the world, will embrace sustainability in their home designs.

Sustainability Takes Center Stage: Eco-friendly Texas Kitchen Designs


Sustainability is more than a buzzword for Arlington resident Lisa Green. “During my kitchen remodel, I made sure to use eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances. It feels good knowing my kitchen is contributing to a greener planet.” Lisa’s commitment is part of a broader trend; the U.S. Green Building Council reports a 30% uptick in requests for sustainable building materials and practices in 2023.


The Future of Texas-Inspired Kitchens


As we move further into 2023, the kitchen trends we’re seeing reflect both a love for Texas’s rich past and a commitment to a sustainable future. Our local testimonials illustrate just how these trends come to life in real Arlington homes, offering a personal touch to what the data already suggests – Texas-inspired kitchens are both a celebration of our heritage and a nod to our future. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, these trends offer a starting point for creating a space that’s uniquely yours and uniquely Texas.ç

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